Some of my favorite stories.

Sara & neil

There’s nothing quite like spending an entire day with two people and witnessing how much they mean to each other. Capped off with an incredible reception at the Saint Louis Art Museum, Sara and Neil’s wedding was as inspiring as it was beautiful.

Addison & Max

An incredible beachfront wedding in Clearwater, Florida, Addison and Max’s wedding wasn’t short on stunning scenery — but what really set this day apart was their love for each other.


Filmed at the Stone House of St. Charles, capturing Madison and Cody’s day felt effortless. Their connection with each other and the amount of love that surrounded their wedding allowed me to tell their story with passion.


Filled with emotion and surrounded in love, the Drazen wedding was something out of a dream.

Alex & Bud

An intimate ceremony in Tower Grove Park, Alex & Bud’s wedding was beauty in simplicity.

Carly & Mick

An absolutely stunning wedding at the Allerton Mansion in Monticello, IL.


Shot in various locations around Kansas City, Amy & Billy’s love for each other was so infectious it made my job easy.

Kodee & Tommy

Love, sweat, and IKEA.

Madisyn & eric

Proof that a wedding doesn't have to be extravagant, Madiysn and Eric's love transcended any venue or scenery. 

Ali & DanNY

An absolutely perfect day surrounded by lifelong family and friends, Ali and Danny's wedding was one day I'll never forget.


One of the most beautiful things I've ever experienced, I spent 10 days in a campervan driving around the entire country of Iceland with two of my best friends.